Tea Services Menu

High Tea Service 
A warm fresh baked scone served with devon cream, lemon curd and preserves, Six
 tea sandwiches (rosemary parmesan chicken salad, English cucumber with cream cheese, egg salad, roasted turkey on a mini-croissant, pineapple & cream cheese, and roast beef), fresh fruit, a 7-layer brownie, petit four, vanilla eclair swan, a seasonal treat, candied fruit, and nuts served on a beautiful 3-tiered server with a pot of your tea of your choice.                                                                   


High Tea Service with champagne                                           $34                            

Queens Tea Service
A warm, fresh baked scone with devon cream, lemon curd and preserves,                    A cup of our delicious soup of the day, Four tea sandwiches (curried chicken salad, English cucumer with dill, egg salad, and pineapple with cream cheese) fresh fruit, a petit four and a macaroon with a pot of tea of your choice.           


Queens Tea Service with champagne                                     $40  

Light Tea Service

A warm scone served with devon cream and lemon curd, six tea sandwiches - turkey on a mini-croissant, cucumber with cream cheese, rosemary parmesan chicken salad, and egg salad, served with fresh fruit, a sweet treat and a pot of tea of your choice. 


Light Tea Service with champagne                                         $29 

Tea and Sandwiches
Six of our beautiful tea sandwiches, including chicken salad, English cucumber, tea garden egg salad, and roasted turkey, served with seasonal fruit, a sweet treat and a pot of tea of your choice.


Wee Tea Service (for guests 8 years of age or younger)
A small pot of tea, hot chocolate, or apple juice with two tea sandwiches, a petit four, seasonal fruit, and a surprise!



Grand Tea Party

The Grand Tea Party service allows you to customize your tea service . . .

Choose 2 warm breads:

Plain or fruit scone, crumpet, toast round, or mini-bagel.  All are served with butter, cream cheese, devon cream, lemon curd or preserves. 

Choose 5 savories::

Rosemary parmesan chicken salad, roast beef on baguette, egg salad, quiche, shrimp & crab cucumber cup, Beef/Chicken Wellington, cucumber with cream cheese & dill, mini-Philly cheesesteak, pineapple & cream cheese, curried chicken salad, or soup of the day.

Choose 4 sweets:

Petit four, cheesecake, decadent brownie, macaroon, fruit tart, ice cream, vanilla eclair swan, chocolate fruit salad.

Grand Tea Party  service with champagne                                 $45


* Some items subject to change due to availability

* $10 split fee charged when guests share the same meal

* 20% gratuity added to parties of 5 or more